Here’s my own area for recording my own opinions and development logs.

My name is Changwook Doh. Felt difficult to pronounce my name? Just call me “Chang”. :)

I love deep-diving into communities, making relationships and contributing to them. I dedicated in many different mobile fields such as embedded, 2D/3D game, virtual machine, middleware platforms and tools. Recently I had worked as an evangelist in HTML5 Tool company. If you want to know about me in detail, here’s   my resume.

Recently I enjoy contributing to opensources, communities and events.

Oh, I have been doing translations of HTML5Rocks into Korean and maintaining HTML5Rocks/KO which is a summary of all that translations. If you were interested in translating, I’d liked to encourage reading this simple guide and visiting Trello board.

Getting in touch

You can find me on   Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or somewhere in South Korea. :) Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always interested in mobile, game and HTML5. <3